The Maison de Grand Esprit Unicorn

maison de grand esprit unicorn reference

The Maison de Grand Esprit Unicorn

Medieval Context

The unicorn has medieval origins in French culture, where it first appeared in the tapestry 'Lady and the Unicorn' circa 1500. The unicorn represents mankind's eternal battle with knowledge: how we come to know what we consider 'fact', and whether the knowledge we believe to be true is actually true. A mythological creature itself, the unicorn is symbolic of the thin line that exists between reality and myth.

Why The Unicorn?

We chose our unicorn because it embodies spirit, mystery, and magic: the three tiers that showcase our beautiful wines. The unicorn is particularly special because of its rarity, and Maison de Grand Esprit encompasses a vision of being brilliant by harnessing one's rarity. Find what makes you unique, and let that enhance your image and personality. Find Your Unicorn.