The wines in the portfolio span across three tiers – Grand Esprit, La Mystèriale & L’être Magique. Each tier is inspired by the mystery and magic of the beguiling unicorn - our symbol of the reinvention of tradition.

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    Grand Esprit
  • Grand Esprit

    Meaning Great Mind, Grand Esprit is a nod to the understanding of terroir, or the natural environment in which a great wine is produced. A Grand Esprit wine will always beautifully reflect the harmonious balance between the land it comes from, man and knowledge.
  • La Mystèriale
  • La Mystèriale

    A La Mystèriale wine invites a journey of discovery. Defying the mysterious veil of tradition, these wines uncover the ultimate expressions from France’s premier wine growing regions in a welcoming & exuberant fashion. In other words, the La Mystèriale tier unlocks the complex nature of some of the world’s most famous wines and presents them for enjoyment.
  • L'être Magique
  • L'etre Magique varietal showcase

    L'être Magique


    L’être Magique translates to ‘The Magic Being’ and can be taken as a direct reference to the presence of the enchanting unicorn in traditional tapestries of a conservative medieval time. Like this unique combination, L’être Magique wines are truly artful expressions that originate from France’s traditional regions - a magical contrast of tradition and modernity.
  • La Miraculeuse
  • La Miraculeuse

    The Miraculous. With every bottle comes a fine balance of high quality and exceptional value.