Wine Type Sparkling
Region Burgundy
Winemaker Sebastien Long

This Sparkling wine from Burgundy is made using the traditional champenoise method also used to make Champagne. Displaying a beautiful pale gold hue our Crémant de Bourgogne plays a fine balancing act of zesty elegance - clean, crisp with a subtle creaminess and lingering finish.

Vintage: NV

Varietals: 60% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir, 20% Gamay

Region: Burgundy

Nose: White nectarine, toasted almonds and a sense of minerality.

Palate: A balanced example with good length, the mousse is persistent and elegant. White stone fruit
and a touch of citrus can be noted.

詹姆斯•萨克林 評分-90分

清爽的汽泡葡萄酒,带有苹果和奶油的香味和口味。酒体重,漂亮的气泡和美味的收結。 60% 霞多丽、20% 黑皮诺、20% 佳美。這是一款有趣而活泼的汽泡酒。 瓶装酒糟发酵12個月。适合即时饮用。